What if I told you I was taking a break? A break from macros, a break from lifting and a break from writing. Just for a while of course. Just till this month ends because I am exhausted and I know I can’t/shouldn’t spread myself too thin. If I did push myself further I would stop enjoying fitness and writing, we can’t let that happen.

Hope you understand :)


It’s Going Good

Here are some updates on carb cycling and my workouts: I’m being very consistent! Carb cycling can get somewhat tiring though. After 3 days of going low-carb your body craves some bread and potatoes so the high-carb day acts as a saviour. Carb cycling really helped me with my October goals (losing 1/2 an inch on my lower abs) but i’ve made some changes to the cycle.

Monday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders (Low carb) – 75c/35f/100p

Tuesday: Back, Biceps, HIIT (low carb)

Wednesday: Legs, Abs (high carb) 150c/35/100p

Thursday: Chest, triceps, shoulders, HIIT (low carbs)

Friday: Back, Biceps, HIIT (low carb)

Saturday: Legs, abs (high carb)

Sunday: non-tracking day

I’m having a non-tracking day because I don’t want to obsess over macros (trust me, it’ll happen) so i’m giving myself a break for a day.

Have a lovely Sunday,



Making Workouts Harder

I’ve been bored with my workouts. After going the heaviest weight possible with my dead-lifts (I can’t go heavier because I ran out of weight plates. Hoping to get more on my birthday!) I’ve been following the same routine and I think i’m ready to struggle a bit more during my sweat-sessions.

Here’s how you can make your workouts harder:

- Incorporate more sets. I’ve been following the standard 8-10 reps, 3 sets but I think i’m ready for 5 sets.

- Partial range reps: Basically you don’t have to do the exercise at the full range of motion. For example, I can do bicep curls with the full range of motion with 5kg dumbbells. If I wanted to go heavier I would have to go with a partial range (not performing the rep at full range of motion, but only half-way). Even though it’s not a ‘full rep’ I can still build more muscle mass since I am going heavier. 

- Concentrated Isomettrics: Pausing at the end of the movement for a few seconds.

- Slowing down during the eccentric phase of the rep. For example: as you lower down your arm while performing a bicep curl, lower the weight slower (maybe for 4-5 seconds)

The harder the workout, the more progress you make and the more fun it is. Okay, not fun but satisfying.

Have a good weekend :)



I am a very laid-back, casual person. I hate taking anything seriously and this includes IIFYM. But now I’ve hit a rut and am feeling very sloppy (this is why having a laid-back nature all the time isn’t the best). For the first 4 days of October I went over my macros and I didn’t workout. I would eat when I was bored and found myself saying “I’ll start tomorrow” a lot.

It’s tomorrow.

Tracking macros can be stressful. I am used to having one cheat meal per week from my ‘clean eating’ days, but with IIFYM you’re not allowed to do that. That burger fits your macros? Eat it. It doesn’t? Don’t even think about eating it. I know my problems. I need to work on moderation and I need to stop losing motivation so fast.

It’s October. I’ve made goals and i’m going to slay them. To get results i’ve never had, I need to do things i’ve never done.

This post is very random (I’m just noticing) but also therapeutic. Writing down your stream of thought can really do wonders. This month i’m going to post my workouts for the day, my meals and wether I hit my macros. I need to hold myself accountable.
Next time I think of skipping Leg Day or going off my macros by a 100, i’ll think of you. How I can’t fail myself or my readers.

Very intense, isn’t it?

Happy Saturday,



Carb Cycling

I’ve been sick. Which means listening to my mothers commands to stay away from workouts and calculating macros.

Anyways, i’m better now and i’m ready to slay October. My September goals (I never posted them) was to lose half a kg and half an inch on my lower belly. Mission accomplished. Now what? Carb cycling. That’s my current mission. Carb cycling is brilliant for fat loss and muscle gain. That sounds like a killer combination to me.

Here’s carb cycling in a nut shell:

In  a week you will have high-carb days, medium-carb days and low-carb days. Typically when you train legs or other big muscles you go high-carb. When you train a moderate sized muscle group you go low carb and when you don’t train anything, just train arms or are just doing cardio you go low-carb. Since your macros need to be balanced, when you go high-carb, naturally you will go low fat so your macro ratio is balanced. When you go low carb your fats get increased. You get where i’m going with this, I hope? Also your calories will remain the same. Ah, I hope i’ve covered the basics to this.

Here’s how you find what your macros would look like for the different days:

  • High carb days: 2-2.5g carbs per pound of body weight. 1g of protein per pound and 0-0.15g fat per pound
  • Moderate-carb days: 1.5g carbs per pound, 1-1.2g protein per pound, .2g fat per pound
  • Low-carb days: .5g carbs per pound, 1.5g protein per pound, .35g fat per pound

I’ll be going low-carb 4 times a week (some carb cycles offer no-carb days but i’m not that desperate to look, um, chiseled), high-carb once a week and moderate-carb twice week.

Let’s see how this goes :)



Here’s Why The Weighing Scale Is Crap

Let’s face the facts: It’s been 2 weeks since I last wrote. Okay we didn’t have to face the facts, it was just one fact. I’m not going to make the age-old excuse of being busy with school, ’cause it wasn’t that. For 2 weeks I had nothing to write about. With this blog I hate forcing myself to get inspired to write (I like to believe that whatever is forced turns out wrong) so I waited and waiting for something inspiring to happen.

So, did something inspiring happen? No. So what’s this blogpost about? Well, it’s about how stupid I was being for 2 weeks.
Let me elaborate on that. Ever since I started weighing myself, I became obsessed with numbers (that’s not something you’ll hear from a fellow math-hater). I would weigh myself every morning and if I saw a number I didn’t favour, I would eat less that day. I was doing this for a week when finally I realised that If I continued with this behaviour I would develop an eating disorder. Scary.

We have all heard that the weighing scale is not a good way to measure progress and I second that. In other news; I did 60 minutes of HIIT yesterday. I was very proud of myself because I despise all forms of cardio.

Have a good weekend




Hey guys :) 

Today is Leg Day. I usually write down my workout in the morning and then complete the workout sometime later in the day. Today while I was writing down my leg day routine I decided to try squatting 15kg. Usually I squat with my 5kg barbell or my 5kg dumbbells but today I wanted to break the limit. For ages I would tell myself: I can’t squat 15kg. I can’t even get the barbell on my shoulders!

So I got up and picked up the barbell. I tried getting the barbell on to my shoulders but kept failing. Did I give up though? No. Never give up. Never back down. Always stay hungry for more. I tried one last time and succeeded. I know, here I am talking about my struggles with a 15kg barbell. Doesn’t sound like much. But for me, the second the barbell rested on my shoulders I felt proud. I can squat so much more but the challenging part is getting the weight on my shoulders without any assistance (I’ve don’t like getting help. I should probably work on that) 

Being limitless means nothing can stop you. Nothing can hold you down. 

This post was specially for my good friend Isaac ^_^ 

Have a lovely weekend