Day 2

Today was amazing 🙂 I feel sore, and I can’t sit without feeling the wrath of squats, but it’s all for a good cause ^_^

Today’s workout- Biceps, shoulders, chest, Hamstrings, upper abs

30 minutes cardio

bicep curls (12 pound weights) 10×3

shoulder press – 10×3

chest press – 10×3

lat pull down – 10×3

single handed row – 10×3 (each side)

deadlift to row – 10×3

crunches – 15×3

reverse crunch – 10×3

The workout was intense, but awesome 🙂


breakfast- whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey

lunch- whole wheat flat bread with veggies and boiled chicken

snack-  scrambled eggs (pre-workout snack)

dinner- veggie stir-fry with chicken

dessert- dark chocolate with dried cranberries (it was amazing)

Hope everyone is staying strong, lifting heavy and eating completely clean.

My abs are already looking different day by day, and my confidence seems to be growing too! 





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