Day 3

Is it just me or are the days going by way too slowly?? -.- Today was a much needed ‘active rest day’ at the gym so my workout was just 45 minutes of cardio. I couldn’t lift cause my muscles were waaay too sore ūüėČ Even with the muscle soreness I felt generally happy ^_^

Today’s diet-

Breakfast- 2 slices whole wheat toast with peanut butter and natural strawberry jam 

Snack- banana with 2 cubes dark chocolate

lunch- 1/2 serving rice with boiled chicken

snack- oatmeal with apples and honey 

Dinner- 1 slice whole wheat toast with an egg white omelette and mushrooms and cottage cheese

dessert- banana and 1 tbsp peanut butter

Reminder- If you’re sore and tired, listen to your body and take a break! I took the most ‘active’ break possible, but my muscles were glad for the rest. Also follow my fitness instagram: Fitlikepri¬†

I post pictures of my meals, and motivational pictures. Stay strong and lets get healthy together! 





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