Day 6

Hello lovelies! 

I woke up with a HUGE sweet tooth. But i managed to make sure everything I ate was clean!

Workout- Biceps, Triceps, lower abs and thighs 

10 minute cardio warm-up

bicep curls 10×3

hammer curls 8×3

bicep cable press 20×3

push ups 5×3

tricep dips 10×3

tricep extensions 10×3

tricep cable presses 10×3

walking lunges 15×3

leg press 10×3

lower ab kicks 10×3

bicycle crunches 10×3

V-sits 10×3

Russian twists 10×3


todays diet-

breakfast- 2 slices whole wheat french toast with honey

Snack- papaya with homemade granole (I’ll post the recipe in a bit)

lunch- 1/2 serving rice with veggies

snack- cottage cheese and 2 cubes of chocolate 

dinner- boiled veggies with stir fried chicken


Also I checked my weight and I lost a kg!

Super happy 🙂



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