Day 7

And Finally the first week is finished! Today was so bad.. I woke up to a cracked iPod. Apparently while I was asleep something fell over it.. Anyways I went to the gym in the morning for a change but It was WAY too crowded. I managed to fit in a 45 minute lifting session. I’ve also decided to do more strength training and less cardio. Strength training boosts your metabolic rate for a longer period of time, hence more fat burn and also strength training makes me happy 🙂

Todays Workout- Chest, shoulders, upper abs and hamstrings 

5 minute cardio warmup

chest press 10×3

shoulder press 10×3

push ups 5×3 (I’m working on it..) 

seated rows 10×3

dead lifts 10×3

crunches 10×3

toe touches 10×3

It was a short workout :/ not very good, I’ll do better tomorrow. I guess I’m just not a morning person. 

Todays diet- (I went PB and banana crazy today)

Pre workout snack – pb and banana

breakfast- whole wheat toast with PB and banana

snack- apple

lunch- oatmeal with boiled chicken 

snack- whole wheat toast, PB, banana and dark chocolate with cranberries 

dinner- avocado with stir fried veggies

dessert – banana ice cream (just freeze a banana and blend it with cinnamon. Your welcome :))

I ate quite a lot today! But it was all clean and it was within my calorie limit (1300 cals a day)

I’ve been thinking of new things to post about. So this week expect a post on

– healthy alterations for when you’re out and when you’re craving junk

– new recipes

– Health and fitness websites I swear by!


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