Day 9

The day has been good 🙂 I’ve been testing new healthy recipes in the kitchen so be ready for some awesome blod posts! I also strangely enjoyed my run today. Hmm… what’s happening to me?? haha

Today’s workout- Deltoids, back, lower abs and legs 

10 minute run

front raises 10×3

side raises 10×3

single handed rows 10×3

bent over row 10×3

seated row 10×3 (yea, I did waay too many rows :p) 

single legged squats 10×3

squats 15×3

walking lunges 10×3

supermans 10×3

leg lifts 10×3

bicycle crunches 10×3

todays diet- 

breakfast – 1 slice whole wheat french toast with honey

lunch- spinach and mushroom soup 

snack- frozen mango 

dinner- 2 slices whole wheat toast with 2 egg whites and mushroom 

Hope you guys have a lovely day 🙂 OH and how could I forget, Happy independence day my fellow American readers 🙂 

Hope you guys did’t binge on crap though -.- I’ve got an eye on you.



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