Day 13

Hello Lovlies! 

I was in a generally happy mood today ’cause It’s Monday! My favorite day of the week. I had a huge craving for everything bad for me today, but since I convinced my family to be healthier, there was no junk food to eat 🙂 That was close.. The only annoying thing about today is that the trainer at my gym said I wasn’t allowed to do the bicep cable presses because then I would become buff. I am pretty sure my gym picked up a skinny dude from the road and made him the trainer cause this guy knows absolutely NOTHING. Females can’t get ‘buff’ because we don’t have enough testosterone for it. God. 

Today’s workout was the same as Fridays.

Today’s diet-

Breakfast- 1 slice french toast with honey 

lunch- 1/2 serving vegetable stir fry with rice and yogurt

snack- mango with 1 tbsp peanut butter

dinner- cauliflower crusted pizza (it was a disaster, and I won’t be making it for a while)

Hope today was good for everyone 🙂




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