Day 16

Guess what awesome people? I’m still sick.. Hmm… I don’t think colds go away after 2 days like I hoped it would :/ Since I really don’t want you guys to get this terrible sickness, here’s a list of things to do to stay away from colds.

– drink lemon water like it’s coke. You need a lot of vitamin C

– Make sure you load up on vitamins and minerals (the natural way, I don’t believe in v&m supplements) 

(these 2 things are really easy to do, but strangely I skipped out on the lemon water drinking 🙂 

Today’s diet-

breakfast- whole wheat toast with olive oil and lemon tea  

lunch- 1/2 serving rice with beans 

dinner- veg salad (spinach,tomato,cucumber,onion with lemon juice dressing) 

I am soo tired and I def. know that I won’t be seeing the gym for a while. Since I’m staying at home for the whole day, everyday I would love if you guys asked me questions about health and fitness! I have researched about this ever since I was 12 but I am def. not an expert! My dream jobs are being a nutritionist and personal trainer. So ask away!

Stay healthy,


One comment

  1. Melanie Bowen · July 11, 2013

    Hey there!

    I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me please? Thanks!!

    Melanie : )

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