Day 18

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about healthy alternates. 
-Like when you crave ice cream eat fro-yo with fruits or banana ‘ice-cream’
– when you want pizza get a thin crust pizza with veggie toppings. You instantly cut out 300 calories 
– Crave chips? Eat baked sweet potato ‘chips’
There is an alternate for everything! Like instead of regular pancakes make my oatmeal ones 🙂 
Today’s diet-
Breakfast- brown rice with coconut and banana
Snack- pomegranate 
Lunch- 1/2 serving veg stir fried rice with cauli 
Snack- half a bar of chocolate (100 cals) with chocolate flavoured protein powder (had a sweet tooth)
Dinner – half a cucumber with 4 slices medium wheat thin crust pizza with cheese (soo yum) 
Today has been amazing! I satisfied my cravings in the healthiest ways possible 🙂 
Stay healthy, 

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