How to stay healthy while travelling!

Hey guys! So I will be travelling soon and I am making it my top priority to eat healthy during the trip!

– Make sure you pack tons of fruit for your journey! Like I always pack apples for the road trip and healthy bars for when you get really hungry at random times o.o

– Make sure you’re active! You don’t have to workout at the gym during your vacay, but make sure you’re moving around!

– Have STRONG willpower! There will be moments when you’re friends or family will be eating something that looks to die for, but stay strong! Eat something that is a healthy alternate! 

– One main problem for me when it comes to staying healthy while travelling is I never drink enough water! But now that I’m writing this blog, I’ve become more conscious! 

So these are the tips. I don’t believe in letting yourself go for a week, gaining 2 pounds and feeling like crap after your holiday. I believe in having fun and staying in check! 

Stay healthy,


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