Fat burning foods

When the challenge starts, make sure you eat all the foods in this list (or most of them) everyday!

Oatmeal- Because of the high fiber content, oats boosts your meta rate and also is amazing for you’re immune system. It’s a perfect pre-workout snack to give you energy to beast your workouts! 

Almonds- almonds are not only amazing for you’re skin but it’s an amazing fat burner! Since it’s packed with protein you’re body needs more energy to digest it, so you burn more fat.

Green tea- Green tea reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in your body and increases the amount of HDL (good cholesterol) and its one of the best fat burners! Have this paired with omega 3 supplements and you’re golden! 

These are the basic few foods that are amazingly good for you and for your abs! Now stay tuned for the ab workout, and we will be set for week 1! 


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