Sugar, another deadly drug.

Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing well 🙂 So today I was reading an article on the latest issue of the National Geographic mag. The article was about sugar and it’s deadly history. It scared the hell out of me. 

Sugar used to be consumed simply as sugar cane during the ancient times. People where delighted by the sweetness of it all and consumed it during celebrations. That soon turned into glasses of coke. Soon after that, the demands of sugar grew higher and higher. People wanted more of what it. People were being enslaved to start working in ‘factories’ to produce sugar. It was an incredibly difficult thing to produce and the enslaved workers had they’re feet cut of if they tried to escape. In the 1700’s the average Englishman would consume 4 pounds of sugar a year. In the 1800’s that number grew to 18 pounds of sugar per year. Now studies show that the average American consumes 77 pounds a year! Not good. When doctors studied illnesses, all traces went back to sugar. Sugar is the main culprit for so many illnesses. Did you know that in an obese persons diet, fat isn’t the highest consumed thing, it’s sugar? The largest reason for obesity is Fructose. ‘Fructose  is processed in the liver. If you eat too much in an easily digested form like soda and candy you’re liver breaks down the fructose and produces fats called triglycerides.’- from the Nat Geo magazine. (So stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrups!)

The fats stay in the liver and makes it dysfunctional, and some of these fats go into the blood stream and cause high blood pressure. Then the pancreas pours in the insulin to control the levels of sugar and soon metabolic syndrome kicks in which causes obesity and weight gain highly around the waist. In time this leads to type 2 diabetes. So no, this is not about calories, in fact sugar is pretty low in calories! The fact is sugar is toxic when consumed in high doses, which is what usually happens considering how highly addictive it is! 

The reason we crave this toxic thing is because when you eat sugar it stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain that react to cocaine. So yes, it is LITERALLY a drug. I’ve been hooked on to sugar ever since I tasted it. in fact I had loads of coke and candy today! After this disappointing confession I want to completely put a stop to this. I don’t care about the calories of it all, or the ‘looking skinny’, I want to be completely healthy. Please go read this amazing article in the latest Nat Geo article! 

Hope this helped,



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