Pita Bread Pizza Recipe and check-in

As we all know, I love Pizza. And since the cauli crusted pizza just did not work with me, I got a new healthy pizza recipe! 

What you need-

– whole wheat pita bread

– organic or homemade tomato sauce 

– mozerella cheese

– veggies of your choice 

– olive oil 


1. Toast your pita bread with a tsp of olive oil till golden brown on both sides

2. add on your tomato sauce (I usually just stir fry tomatoes till it’s soft and cooked and add some milk to make it a ‘sauce’)

3. Add you’re cheese and veggies, then bake in the oven till the cheese is melted. 

This is incredibly fast, simple and healthy! Perfect for when you get back from the gym 🙂

The challenge is going well so far! I had some treats over the weekend but I only allow myself one weekend a month! Also this weeks challenge: Do HIIT 4 times this week for 30 minutes followed by your usual routine! 

Who’s ready to shred??




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