Today’s workout and more :)

Hey guys! 

Today I did my HIIT, Bi’s and upper abs. We had little time at the gym cause we went a bit late. For the HIIT I repeated running for 45 seconds and walking for a minute till i finished 30 minutes. It was quite hard but thats why I’m doing it! I’m tired of things being easy. 

Bi’s and upper abs-

– bicep curls 14×3

– hammer curls 8×3

– crunches 20×3

– bicycle crunches 15×3

– V sits 10×3

It was a very simple workout! The endorphin high I got after that was AMAZING! I was just surprised that I lasted half an hour on the treadmill, because I am def. not a runner! 

Now for the ‘More’ part! Today I wanted to talk about ‘Drop sets’. During a drop set, for your first set with weights, you use the heaviest you can lift till how many reps you can do. Then you keep dropping the amount of weight and increasing the reps till you finish how many ever circuits! It is INTENSE and I’m doing some tomorrow. Drop sets are amazing if you want to increase muscle definition and look shredded 😉 I’m also going to be posting this weeks ab routine. It’s going to get tougher every week, but we will look better and better!

Stay tuned,


(Also if you guys have any questions at all email me at 


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