Tuesday check-in

Today was leg day at the gym! My legs feel like jelly right now 🙂 I fueled myself with protein and whole grains so I could get through the workout. It was loooong! My gym had a trial Tae Bo class for 45 minutes. So that paired with a 30 min HIIT run and 45 mins of squatting, lunging and crunching. DAMN. Not gonna be able to move tomorrow! 

Todays workout-

30 mins HIIT

15×3 lunges

12×3 squats 

Did drop sets on the leg press machine 

12×3 weighted deadlifts 

TIU ab routine (2 circuits)

+ 45 mins Tae Bo.

Hope you guys had a lovely day 🙂 I would love it if you commented what workout you did today! 


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