Post workout check-in + ‘Super Oats’ Recipe

Hey guys! I can’t walk after today’s workout, and I don’t feel too keen for tomorrow’s sore-ness. Hope you guys finished the workout too! My run was harder cause I ran more and walked less till after 20 minutes I got cramps.. Ugh, that’s impossible for me to avoid while I run. So instead of doing HIIT for 30 minutes, I did it for 20 followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical. 

So heres the super metabolic rate boosting oatmeal recipe. It combines green tea, almonds, and the oats.

What you need-

– Oatmeal (how much ever you usually eat)

– handful of almonds 

– green tea (I use my peach and apricot flavoured green tea)

– If you want you can add fruit to it 🙂


– In a sauce pan heat your tea with 1 cup of water.

– add your oats

– add the rest of the ingredients

– mix together till it’s cooked.

Eat up! 

Stay Healthy,



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