Today’s workout

So, i’m finally going to be reunited with the gym ❤ 

I woke up and did my AM workout which was some yoga and then the 300 abs workout. Now at the gym it’s legs, biceps and triceps. I’m losing my biceps.. so maybe I’m going to do lifting in the AM too? I barely got any homework today which is why I have time for this. Who knows if I would be able to go tomorrow!

Today’s workout-

30 min HIIT  cardio 

15×4 squats 

15×4 lunges

10×4 dead-lift with row (I use 10 pound dumbbells) 

12×4 leg press (35 pounds)

10×4 bicep curls 

10×3 tricep cable presses

10×3 tricep dips 

10×3 tricep extensions 

1 min plank 

cool down. 

Hope everything is going well with you guys 🙂






  1. Kristin Maack · August 22, 2013

    Not a bad way to start out the day : )

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