3 signs that you’re dehydrated during your workout

Being dehydrated during your workout is serious business. You won’t be able to push yourself and you cramp up far too easily. Heres 3 signs that you haven’t drank enough water before your gym session.

1. You feel sluggish during your workout. Make sure you’ve have at least 1-2 glasses half an hour before. And please don’t forget to drink water during your workout too!



2. You cramp up easily. 

3. You have a high pulse. If you notice that you’re heart rate is higher than normal, it means you’re dehydrated.

Yesterday I couldn’t do my 20 min HIIT cause I had a massive cramp. So i did my research on why I got it. Hope this helped!

Later today I will post something about cancer preventing foods and my new workout routine.

Stay tuned,




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