Cancer fighting foods.

Well I promised it, so here it is!
Here are the top 6 foods everyone should be eating to fight/prevent cancer 🙂

1. Broccoli- This veggie is personally my favourite! It contains sulforaphane, which boosts the bodies protective enzymes and flushes out cancer causing chemicals. It helps fight: breast, liver, lung, prostate, skin, stomach, and bladder cancers. 


2. Berries- not only are they delicious but they’re extremely good for you too!
It’s packed with cancer preventing nutrients! Add it to your oatmeal in the AM and you should be fine 🙂



3. Tomatoes- Because they’re filled with lycopene it stops the growth of cancer cells! And it tastes amazing with pasta so it’s a win-win situation.. 



4. Walnuts – It has phytosterols that block estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells’ growth. Image

5. Garlic- My favourite garnish! It keeps vampires away and cancer at bay 😛 



6. Beans – They are packed with protein and fight colon cancer! This is because it contains a fatty acid butyrate which has strong cancer fighting powers. Let me just remind you that the fats in the beans are all healthy fats!

Hope this post helps! 

Anyways, today was quite a good day. I’m really loving my morning yoga and also been seeing some insane changes in my body! So when you feel de-motivated, just shut up and KEEP GOING. 

Trust me.

Stay fit,




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