Today we discuss: Muscle gain

One of my monthly goals was to gain muscle and gain some definition in my arms. So I did my research, and this is what I found. 

1. After you’ve worked your muscles, let it rest for 48 hours. So if you worked your biceps on Monday work it again on Thursday. This is so you allow your muscles to grow.

2. Keep lifting heavy. Don’t get stuck with dumbbells that are easy for you. Add a pound or a kg every week so you keep progressing.

3. Don’t over do the cardio. Keep your cardio sessions short and intense and focus on weight training. Too much cardio can make you lose your muscle mass.

4. EAT HEALTHY. And make sure you’re eating enough. Gaining muscle needs some serious energy. Eat at least 1600 cals if you’re female, and 2000 if you’re male. 

5. Pump up the protein. To find out how many grams you need to eat, multiply your weight in kgs by 0.8. Also you need to eat more carbs (only whole grains of course) so you have the energy to lift those heavy weights.

6. PUSH yourself at the gym. Instead of just doing 10 reps of each exercise, add 2 more reps. 



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