My yoga experiment.

I’ve been doing yoga religiously for 2 weeks now, and i’m FINALLY starting to like it. What can I say? It grows onto you. I don’t really know why I wanted to start doing yoga 2 weeks ago, I just knew that it was good for me. I didn’t want to google the benefits of yoga, I wanted to actually feel the changes in my body this time and then write about it. So every morning, at least 4 times a week I’ve been getting my ‘om’ on. 

First let me just put this out there- it feels really good to stretch first thing in the morning. I just feel extremely flexible after a yoga session. And I keep improving! Poses that I could never hold are now very easy. Secondly, you will feel amazing for the rest of the day. Just knowing that I actually woke up early, pulled out my yoga mat and did something other than sleeping just makes me happy. 

Because I’m enjoying yoga so much, I’m going to start doing it before I sleep. Just imagine going to bed after stretching and concentrating on your breath ^_^ so peaceful. 

I highly recommend for you to do yoga.

Plus it’s awesome for toning. How can you not want to try it knowing that? 

Stay healthy,





(I tried doing this pose since it looks really nice 😛 It didn’t go so well..)

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