Day 6 + Day 7

I spent this weekend being sick and studying. How pleasant.. -_- 

But after drinking too much of tea I am better 🙂 This week I couldn’t even step into the gym once.. It’s annoying. But this week I HAVE to workout for at least 4 times a week so I can go back to my normal weight again. And next weeks ab routine is going to get harder! 

Plank – 1:30 minutes

Side plank-  45 seconds

Leg lifts – 15×3

Reverse crunches – 12×3 

Flutter kicks – 10×3



Weighted Russian twist – 12×3

V-Sits – 12×3 

So we will be doing this routine 5x this week. I pray that I’ll have time for the gym this week though.. 

Anyways have a nice day 🙂



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