Day 8 + the best carbs to eat for weightloss

I behaved today. Stayed away from crap and whatnot. I am still very bloated from that crazy weekend -_- Anyways I tested this weeks ab routine in the AM and I’m am already sore :p Which is good 🙂 

But after a week of just ab workouts and an okay diet, things are looking good. But this week I will surely be even stricter with what I eat. The goal is to keep making things harder every week. 

Now for the more interesting part of this blog post: carbs for weightloss. Apparently there are some carbs that you don’t have to me terrified of! But I seriously hope no one out there is doing some stupid “no carb” diet. Please. Just stop. 

1. Green peas.

I didn’t even know this was a carb. Once I saw the word “green” I just assumed.. This carb reduces hunger by boosting leptin (hormone that alerts your brain when you’re full)


2. Whole wheat pasta 

I am so glad that this is another one of the fat burners. Words cannot express how much I love pasta. The only reason this is a fat-burner is because of the high amount of fibre. 


3. Whole what bread.

Hear that girls? You can stop avoiding bread now. But don’t go over board with it either.

4. Beans. 

This is the ultimate fat burner. Try eating beans every single day. It is also filled with protein! 

5. Oatmeal.

Obviously this has to be added to the list. I try eating oatmeal every day, even on the weekends where I tend to go crazy with food.

Anyways I’m going to go sleep now so I can wake up and kill my ab workout again. It was tough and sweaty, but hey, I like it like that 🙂

Stay healthy,





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