Day 9

I had such an amazing workout today at the gym. I still weigh 48 kgs (105 pounds) from eating so badly on weekends.. After the no junk food challenge I was able to not eat and crap on weekends but I guess I lost the strong will power. I’m going to eat cheats in moderation this weekend. When I was talking to my brother about the weight gain he told me it’s probably muscle weight.. Even then, I need to learn how to control myself 😀

Anyways I also decided to not really keep a weekly routine in the gym. Some days I feel like running for an hour and some days I just want to lift and lift. Today I had a mood for both lifting and running. 

So here was today’s workout:


20 min HIIT run

Tricep push downs 12×4

Tricep dips 10×3

Bicep curls 12×3

Hammer curls 8×2 

Squats 20×4 

Walking lunges 15×3

Plank 1 minute 

10 min elliptical 

I was too sore for the ab workout this morning so I’m probably going to it tomorrow morning. 

I’m too sore to type anymore, bye guys 🙂





  1. bitzyfit · September 24, 2013

    Good working out Pri, well done ;-0

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