Day 16

Hey guys. So I weighed myself today and it turns out I have gained another kg.. -_- This is very annoying. But I only have myself to blame. I have way too many cheat days per month. After my no junk food challenge I promised myself that I would only have a cheat day once a month, and I somehow managed to not listen to myself. But now, the rule is back. I’m going back to my strict ways this October. 

But one of the biggest mistakes I made during the challenge was eating too few calories. I survived on 1200 cals per day and I was working out a lot. Because of that, I lost muscle. This time I will eat 1700 cals of pure healthy foods. I’m going to get shredded this month. Watch me. 🙂

Anyways, today was good. I went to the gym and sweated out all the donuts I had, and I ate clean-ish.




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