Day 18

Hey guys! This week I’m giving myself a challenge: stay away from the weighing scale. I really would love to stop caring about a number on the scale. How many of you guys start your day with weighing yourselves? Many people only feel good for the day if they weighed in lesser that day. This habit is quite silly, right? So I’m challenging all of you guys to stay away from the scale. Sure you can check in once a month to have a rough idea of how thighs are going, but don’t get obsessed like how I sometimes get. This month is going well so far! I ate clean today, my bloat is going and I can see some definition in my upper abs.

I murdered today’s gym session. I basically did a random mix of exercises. My idea was to train whatever muscle wasn’t dying already.. :p my friends and I are getting into the habit of workout out during snack break. They wanted me to show them some exercises and now every break we do 100 calve pulses, 1 minute wall sit and 15 tricep dips (to keep them satisfied) 

I love spreading the love for being healthy 🙂 

Anyways I also wanted to ask you guys what you want me to write more about? PLEASE COMMENT. It would help me so much 🙂 

Before I leave, I wanted to write about my goals. My main goal is to become a nutritionist and celebrity personal trainer. I want to make workout DVDs, I want to be a trainer in the biggest loser. I may only be 14, but I allow myself to dream big 🙂

Just watch me achieve these goals.




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