Day 21+22

Okay guys, let me be honest, I’m not doing so good. I cheated this week. I broke my promise of only having one cheat per month. I won’t beat myself up for it, shit happens, life goes on. But lets learn from these mistakes 🙂 I’m not being serious enough right now, and because of that I have gained ALL my weight back. I’m 50 kgs again. Woo-hoo.. SO i’m stopping the abs challenge, and I’m just going to start fresh tomorrow. I’ll be challenge-free and I’ll have all my concentration on this task of getting back on track. Even if they weight-gain was muscle weight, I don’t like the way I’ve been eating lately, so I’m going to have to motivate myself again and just keep moving forward. 

  Anyways, this is how the week has been, exercise wise.


Monday- 20 min hiit, 45 minutes strength training + 15 minutes of lower ab pilates

Tuesday- Rest day 

Wednesday- 20 min hiit, 45 min strength training

Thursday- 30 min hiit, 5 min elliptical, 30 min strength training

Friday- 10 minutes pilates for abs 

Saturday- 10 min pilates

Sunday- rest 

Hope things go well with my whole ‘starting over’ thing.. 



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