Apple Pie Oatmeal Recipe

Hey guys 🙂 Today I’m finally going to share with you this amazing recipe. Seriously, my day is always fabulous when I eat this. 

What you’ll need-

– 1 cup of oatmeal

– an apple

– tbsp honey 

– 1 tsp sugar 

– 1 tsp butter

– cup of water 

– 1 tbsp cinnamon 


1. Take out a pan, and melt your butter and then add the honey and sugar (we add the sugar to caramelise the apple) and then add in the cinnamon. Mix it till it forms a sort of sauce.

2. add in the apples and mix till it’s slightly browned and soft. Then add the water and let the apple cook for 2 minutes.

3. add in the oatmeal and cook everything together.  Trust me, the cinnamon and soft apples taste amazing! I usually top this with peanut butter 🙂



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