Taking a break.

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve just been chilling lately, cause I needed a break 🙂 I needed a break from gyms, obsessing over what I ate and spending nights planning my next HIIT workout. So I hit the beach, went swimming, ate too many carbs, countless plates of bacon and cake. It felt good to let go for a while. Let me remind you that a weekend of relaxing is not going to ruin your progress. If you ask me, it’s good for the soul 🙂 

But even I can’t live a life filled with heavy dishes and sleeping all day. After this soul cleansing vacation, I decided that I wanted to stay away from treats for a while. Really see if I can get more progress. So I’m buckling down and going hard. But for today, the goal is to drink bottles and bottles of water, so I don’t wake up in the morning bloated and demotivated (did that kinda rhyme?!)





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