2k to 10k training

This month me and my best friend (http://rohilbasapa.wordpress.com/) have decided to challenge ourselves to be able to run a 10k in 4 weeks. We start training tomorrow! I am actually really excited. This isn’t an official ‘race’. We just want to be able to run 10 km without, well, dying :p So I’m doing HIIT in the mornings to boost my stamina, doing strength in the evenings (cause I don’t want to lose muscle) and then I’m going to train. I’m making my own training plan, since most of them take 12 weeks. We can already walk/run 2 km easily, so this should be a quicker process.

I know this isn’t a good way to start a challenge, but even if we do fail in being able to run for so long in 4 weeks, at least we can run more that 2k at the end of it 🙂

You can either watch me win with a smile, or fail with pride. It’ll all be okay. 




  1. Murali B · November 6, 2013

    Dear Pri, very very good piece of writing. Keep up the good writing.

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