‘Real Women’

Hey guys. This morning while I was on pinterest I saw these pictures of curvy women, with the caption ‘Real women have curves’. Under that picture I saw a picture of a Victoria Secret model with the caption ‘this isn’t a real women’. Then I got pissed. Just because some women don’t have curves, doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful. So many people hate on women that are naturally skinny. They start calling them anorexic, when they are probably eating very healthy. While these pictures could make curvy women feel good, it makes people with skinny figures feel very insecure. What is going on here? Are people who have hips and full thighs going to bash on people with a thigh gap? 



In the picture above, everyone is beautiful. So don’t point at the women from the dove campaign and go “that’s a real woman!” cause this habit of generalising is disgusting. 

This just had to be said. 




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