Hey guys. Haven’t been posting so much lately because I’ve been drowned in tests and homework -_- But i’m still eating healthy, I’m still working out a lot, and I’m still not getting stressed by school 🙂 Lately I have been waking up at 5 AM to do some HIIT (at least 20-30 mins). It feels AMAZING!  I get all my hiit workouts from ‘Fitness Blender’ on YouTube, so check it out. I’ve also noticed some definition in my arms. Doing total body thrice a week for an hour, and letting my body rest is really working for me. I thank my brother for suggesting it ^_^ 

I’m also still doing my 10k project, but now i think I might have to give myself some more time to train. I really don’t care how long it takes, I will have to be able to run 10k eventually. So yesterday, to start it of, I did 1k on the treadmill and a total body session at the gym. 

The workout:

– deadlift with row 10×4

– squat pulses 10×4

– bicep curl to shoulder press 8×4

– tricep dips 10×4

– leg lift to reverse crunches 10×3

Tonight at the gym I’m going to try and do 3.5km without any music (my iPod is broken, i’m getting a fixed piece on tuesday) It will be hell. My gym plays such boring music, I can tell the other people on the treadmill just want to jump out the window like me 😉 




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