I hate running. Haha, that’s a nice way to start the post ^_^ 

Basically, I’m struggling to find a balance between running and weight training. After a long run, I can’t push very hard with my weight training, and after my lifting, I can’t run :p So now, I’m going to carve out days for just running, and some days for just weight training. I tried, but I can’t do it :p Anyways the coming week is the last week I’ll be working out till my exams end (exams are only for a week or two, i’m not worried). I will be doing some short HIIT workouts and strength training if I have the time, but I can promise myself that I will still eat healthy. So many people throw their diet out the window once a stressful situation takes place, and honestly, I used to do that too! But think about it, eating junk food in a stressful situation is just going to make you even more tired and then your not going to be very productive -_- Trust me. Just take a breath. 

Oh, how I can’t wait till this term ends..





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