Keep weekends cheat free.

Hi guys 🙂 So have you noticed that once Friday comes around, you throw all your hard work down the drain? It’s like you kill yourself at the gym, you eat very healthy, and then by the time it’s the weekend, you go CRAZY. And then it’s Monday again, you’re bloated and you promise yourself to never do that again. But then you do anyways. 

I’ve actually done this a lot. Now I just make delicious healthy food on the weekend, since I have more time to cook. 
For example:



Baked apple with a dark chocolate and peanut butter sauce. It’s about 150 calories per serving with 7 grams of protein. You just bake an apple for about 10 minutes, till it’s very soft, then you melt 4 squares of dark chocolate and a table spoon of peanut butter. And you’re done. 

You have more time on your hands, so experiment in the kitchen ^_^

Anyways, since this week is my last week of working out till the 11th of December, I’m going to absolutely kill my workouts. 

Okay, now I’m of to study physics and finish a nice, long barbell session.




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