The Thousand Workout

Hey guys! So I may have broken the promise I made to myself… Before the exams started I promised that I wouldn’t workout, so I could have more time with the books (and who doesn’t want that… -_-) but I was kinda going insane without it. For the first 4 days, I was way too emotional and I was always angry. So I thought, just 30 minutes of HIIT won’t hurt my study schedule. My exams end on wednesday, so after that I can workout as much as I want to 😀

Well, today, since it’s the weekend, I’m doing this workout I made… The thousand workout. We have 10 exercises that we will be doing 100 reps for each, totalling to a 1000 reps. 

The exercises are:

– squats 

– walking lunges 

– Toe touches

– tricep dips 

– Jumping jacks

– weighted glute bridges (with an exercise ball)

– high knees

– Plank to shoulder taps



– Crunches 

– Leg lifts

This is a time challenge, so do it as fast as possible, but with excellent form. 

I’m not looking forward to tomorrows soreness though… 

Stay healthy,




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