You’re just 14, why are you eating healthy?

Okay, time to rant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been getting judging looks from people. All of them wonder why the hell I’m eating healthy or working out at such a young age and then they give me the stupidest piece of advice I have EVER received – “You’re a teenager, go eat junk food, worry about being healthy when your older…” 

I mean, WHAT?? So you’re telling me, I should eat terribly now, develop habits that will only get harder to break, and once it gets to an almost unfixable point, only then I should start being conscious of what I’m doing to my body. Haha, that’s genius. -_- And yet we wonder why the childhood obesity rates are increasing day by day.



Let me just say, eating healthy and working out saved me. I used to be over-weight when I was younger. I hated sports (still do) and loved to eat when I was bored,happy,angry, you name it. Then, naturally,  I started gaining way to much weight. I cried every time I saw my reflection, and I hated going out. Then when I slowly started to eat healthy and workout, I got my confidence back and I found the thing I love the most: Fitness. 

Just because I like being active and have a healthy relationship with food, doesn’t mean I’m the weird one here. Children are expected to eat whatever they want and stay skinny. If you’re overweight only then is it okay to go on a diet. If you look fine, and you’re eating healthy, expect getting lectures from people you don’t even know. And in my case, if you used to be over-weight and now you look normal, expect people to think you’ve been starving yourself. 

Hope you guys see the problem here.





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