I’m Tired Of Trainers.

Hey guys 🙂 Hope the new year is treating everyone well, and I hope whatever resolutions you’ve made wasn’t just for the first few days of 2014. Stick with it. Anyways, back to the point of this post: I am sick of gym trainers. Every single time I go near the weights section of my gym, theres some trainer following me and telling me to stick with light weights or warning me that if I pick up any thing ‘heavy’ I’ll get overly muscular. The things I have to deal with… -_-

This happened again when I was trying out a new gym. At first I liked it, the equipment was good, and it was generally a good gym. Then I met the trainer. He basically took my weights away from me and told me to go back to the treadmill. I am done. I’m done with trainers who never let women lift anything heavy, or do something a man is doing. So this is why i’ve made the decision to take a break from gyms for a while. I have my heavy weights right at home, and no one to stop me from picking them up. 

Now it’s time to see how home workouts really change my body, if it’s for the better, i’ll stick to it, if I don’t make any progress without the gyms and it’s fancy equipment, then I’ll just use my mysterious ways to lift without the trainers even knowing 😉 




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