This Week’s Workout Schedule.

Hey guys 🙂

The last week I was too casual about my workouts and diet, so this week I really want to get back on track. My week basically consists of 3 total body lifting sessions + 2 HIIT sessions. I’ve really noticed some nice muscle gain on my arms after doing total body thrice a week, if you guys want to try it out, it should work fabulously 🙂 The main idea is to give your muscle a break to let them grow and get stronger.

This week’s lifting workout:

weighted walking lunges – 10*5

deadlift to row – 10×5

chest press – 10*4

overhead press – 8*4



I do 3 circuits for the ab workout above to get a really nice burn. 

Monday: total body 

Tuesday: HIIT

Wednesday: total body 

Thursday: HIIT

Friday: total body 

^ This is basically how this week is going to go. 

Also remember to eat clean, because that is the main part of getting healthy!

Keep lifting,




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