So, about 20 days ago I posted that I was trying this new ‘method’ of eating and lifting more. I’m just here to say it works WONDERS. Screw eating 1200 calories and doing endless amounts of cardio- that will not work. I was unconsciously eating way too little, and after a week of trying to force myself to eat more (forcing myself didn’t work either BTW -_-) I felt so confused. Then I just deleted my calorie counting app, took a breath and put some more healthy food on my plate. Now I have more energy for my lifting and I feel awesome. I’ve lost an inch everywhere (that wasn’t the aim though, I just wanted to generally put on some muscle and get leaner)

Never be afraid to eat more food, just make sure it’s healthy 🙂 Don’t build a fear towards food, it’s what keeps you alive. Don’t build a fear towards weights, it made me strong.

Don’t be afraid of the mirror, you’re beautiful.





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