Things Are Getting Heavy

Hey guys 🙂

So, for my birthday (It was yesterday, I’m 15 now) I got a 6kg kettle-bell, a jumprope and 2kg ankle weights to add to my home gym. I am so excited to experiment with heavier things, and adding more resistance to my workouts. I already have experience with kettlebells and know how to use it with proper form through extensive research and a bit of common sense :p 

This weeks workout is:

10 minute jumprope warmup 

Squat thrusts – 10*4

Weighted walking lunges – 10*4

Donkey kicks with ankle weights – 10*5 (if you don’t have ankle weights, do 20 reps to increase intensity)

Bent over rows – 10*5

Tricep dips – 10*5

Chest press – 10*4

Weighted russian twists – 15*5

1 minute plank 


I’m going to go and think about how old I am now.

Attack each day with brilliance.




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