My Relationship With Sports.

I hate sports. I’ve never been a person who is active on the field, I like watching and observing everyone else on the sidelines. I hate being on a team and possibly letting them down If I do something wrong. I love feeling sweaty and out of breath (obviously) but something about sports just sets me off. But the past few P.Es, I was forced to play. Since I really had no choice, I gave basketball another chance. I actually don’t mind it anymore! I have found this competitive person inside of me which sort of pushes me towards shooting (is that the correct term?) and running up and down the court, chasing the ball. Well sometimes, the other times I’m in the middle of the court, staring at whoever gracefully moves with the ball, while I do the opposite :p

  My point here is, It’s okay if you’re not the ‘gym’ sort of person. I’m not the sports type of person, I’ve just come to terms with it. The whole point is that you find some activity that you like. Just move. 

On that note, I had an amazing lifting session yesterday. It was filled with kettle-bell lunges, jumprope, weighted sit-ups, shoulder presses and high amounts of rows. This week I’m doing 4 lifting sessions, instead of 3, because I like the burn. I’m also going back into the kitchen this week and am really going to think up some new recipes for you guys 🙂

Be stronger than your excuses.



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