Thinking ahead.

Hey guys 🙂 
For the past few days I have been losing touch with myself. My mind is getting so caught up with school and that I’m forgetting about doing things that make me feel happy. I can’t remember the last day I felt satisfied with myself and was generally in a pleasant and happy mood. So obviously, I need to make some changes. I need to focus on myself again. Do things that make me happy.

Like lifting, eating protein (as silly as that may sound, I feel badass when I eat my egg whites and chicken), writing, doodling and reading terrifying books. This March, even though it’s a week away, I’m going to be challenging myself to doing 4 1-hour lifting sessions a week, followed by eating 75g of protein per day and also focussing on getting my veggies, yogurt and tea back into my diet (I miss the old health eating classics ^_^)

I am so tired of chocolate and cake. Like really, someone just give me a damn salad now. 

Focus on things that make you feel good. Things that make you want to wake up every morning. Things that make you smile. Things that make your skin glow and your cheeks blush. 

Focus on you. 




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