HIIT It Hard

Hey guys 🙂 
After ages, I did a HIIT workout today. I hate cardio, even if it’s HIIT, but I’ve been very laid-back with my eating for the past week so I felt like ‘punishing’ myself with some cardio. It was good 😀

I did ages of jumprope, burpees, walking lunges and jump squats till I could barely breathe and was drenched in sweat. But this week, rather than focussing on workouts, I want to get control on my ‘diet’ again (it’s not actually a diet, just don’t know what to call it :p) I’ve been eating pretty decent (lots of chicken, whole grains, fruit and all the good stuff) but when it comes to ‘treat food’ I haven’t been able to draw a fine line between moderation and binging. So I’m creating a rule of only eating 200 calories of ‘treat food’ per day. I’m not making this rule cause I’ve gained weight and I’m scared i’ll go back to square one. In fact, I haven’t lost or gained any inches (I go by inches because, really, the weighing scale is not very reliable) I just don’t feel energetic anymore. So, I need to cut back on the sugary stuff, and eat some vegetables. 

I like ‘mom-ing’ myself :p




This is just a reminder that being healthy and working out isn’t about being skinny.

Who cares about being skinny anyways? 




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