Lifting In The Morning

Hey guys 🙂 So this week, I have been waking up at 5 every alternate morning to lift. It has been fabulous. If I had to wake up early to do cardio, I would want to kill myself, but the days I have to lift, I feel overjoyed to. Now when I get back home I have time to study and take a nap. I need my naps, guys :p. 

Listen to your body and make suitable changes. If you have no time to workout, or you’re too tired when you get back home from wherever you’ve been, finish your workouts in the morning. I guess this also counts as my ‘fasted workout’ cause I’m doing it in an empty stomach. Since I have no carbs to supply my morning session, my stored fat is used as an energy supply. That should be good, right? If there are some people out there who would want to become ‘morning people’ when it comes to working out then great. But if you’re too weak or hungry to workout in the morning, eat something or drink a smoothie. Whats the point of the workout if you don’t have enough energy to even finish it?

Have an amazing day guys 🙂
Stay healthy,





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