This Works.

Hey guys 🙂 

It feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote, but really, it’s been a week. I have been studying and working out and trying to still have a social life at the end of the day. Being a teenager is hard. The times I don’t spend with some book or workout routine, I’m watching ‘Supersize vs. Super-skinny’ It’s a show where an over-weight and under-weight person swap their diets for a week and then (after the swap) go on a 3 month healthy eating plan and come back with fantastic results. It’s really entertaining and also makes you realise that the main goal should be ‘healthy’.

I’ve also been researching some diets (not that I want to go on a diet, just want to know what people are up to) and they are bloody ridiculous. Like the baby food diet, or the maple syrup diet. Or diets that have you eat nothing.

That isn’t a diet, that’s called starving. 

If you starve yourself, even if it’s temporarily, you will be causing some major metabolic damage. You’re body goes to starvation mode and holds on to all it’s fat reserves because it thinks that you are not able to receive food due to a famine. When you do finally eat something, you’re body holds on to the food and converts it to fat because it doesn’t know when the next ‘famine’ is. 

You know what works best for looking and feeling good?

Eating nutritionally dense foods, lots of whole grains, lean meats, nuts, fruit, vegetables, drinking lots of water, lifting weights, going for a run now and then and also being able to eat treat foods like chocolate or ice-cream in moderation and not feel bad about it. You will have SO much of energy, you will feel strong and good about yourself and you won’t be afraid of you’re next health check-up because you know you’re healthy.

This works. 

Also wanted to do a little check-up with my IIFYM way of eating. It doesn’t work for me :p I go crazy with calculations and always staying on track with my macros, so I’m sticking with eating genuinely healthy and not counting a single macro or calorie. That works for me. 




  1. shobhapandit · March 14, 2014

    This makes sense to me…well written Priyasha

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