This Week.

Hi guys 🙂 Before I talk about how this week hasn’t been the best, I can’t believe how fast this month is going! It’s been crazy, but crazy in a good way. 

Now back to the topic of how this week has been: It’s been bad. It started off good. I had done a very intense lifting workout on Monday morning and I could really feel my arms and legs working. Here’s the workout if anyone is interested:

Weighted walking lunges – 12*4

Hamstring curl – 12*4

inner thigh raises – 12*4 (each side)

chest presses – 10*3

chest flyes – 10*3

shoulder presses- 8*4


tricep dips – 10*4

single handed rows – 10*4 

bent over row – 10*3


Other than the workout that made it hard for me to even brush my teeth the next day, I had terrible body confidence the entire week. And this is completely normal, even people who workout and eat healthy and genuinely like the way they look will not be very happy with themselves from time to time. It’s okay. But this demotivated me during some of my other workouts which is a setback. Let’s see, what else? I found myself in a generally bad mood. For no apparent reason, I guess it’s because I’m a teenager and we very confusing people :p But I am done with being in a bad mood and I am surely done with having bad body confidence. A new month is starting and I’m not going to spend it wasting my time. 

Before I leave, I wanted to tell you guys to try adding egg whites while you cook your oats. This might sound repelling now, but It actually tastes really good. And come on, who doesn’t love some extra protein?



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