A Break From Lifting.

Hi guys 🙂 The past week I have been lifting a lot, and just moving a lot. I also got a punching bag so I’ve been boxing too and all these activities have put a strain on my wrists. Whenever I move them, they hurt, so I am going to listen to my Mother’s wise words and take a break from lifting this week. But the workouts are still going to be very intense, they’ll just be body weight. I am going to be doing mini challenges this week, for example: complete 100 squats, 100 walking lunges, 100 sit ups and 100 leg lifts in one workout. And then stretch for a good 30 minutes so I can move the next day. 

I’m also going to be switching things up a bit with my AM workouts. I’m doing lower intensity workouts like Pilates or Yoga in the mornings and more intense things like strength training and HIIT in the evenings. I’m also going back to my vegetable soup drinking habit, cause I feel like I need more vitamins in me. 

This week’s strength workout is:

100 walking lunges

50 sit-ups

100 second wall sit 

50 sumo squats 

50 leg lifts 

25 bicycle crunches 

50 squat jumps. 

It’s short, but it’s intense. And my wrists won’t hurt so it’s a win-win situation. 

Have a lovely week.







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