Spring Break

Hey guys 🙂

So my spring break just started, my wrist is completely healed and I’m back to lifting and HIIT workouts. Things are getting better. One thing I’ve noticed with some people during the holidays is that they decide to take a break from working out and eating clean, and when their mini-vacation is over they have gained at least 2 pounds. It’s okay, people make mistakes. But when it comes to me I just go harder with my workouts during the holidays simply because I have more time on my hands.

Last week I posted a workout which really kicked my butt, so this week I wanted to do another challenge: 4 minute wall sit, 3 minute plank and 2 minutes of burpees. 2 sets of those. Then followed by my usual HIIT and lifting. It’ll hurt, but it’ll be fun. I think. 

Another trend I noticed is the whole craze about summer, and getting a ‘Summer body’. Why is it that people only want to get healthy during Summer but once the sweaty-season is over people go back to treating their bodies like crap? I really don’t understand it. You should be treating your body well all year round. Don’t treat it like crap for most of the year, freak out and try crazy diets during summer, go back to bingeing on junk after you’re done with your bikini and then go crazy when Christmas comes around… And then we have New Years, the time people promise to never go through the same vicious cycle. 

It’s simple, just be healthy all year round and enjoy treats in moderation. Thats all. No crazy diets and living in the gym involved. 

Okay, time to go finish my workout for the day. 

Be good this spring break, guys. 




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