Enjoy The Journey

Have you ever found yourself getting stressed or impatient about getting results when you start working out and eating healthy? Come on, we all do it. The moment we start a new plan or try out a new workout, we expect to see some massive changes immediately. But you have to remember that stress is only going to slow your progress. Stress releases cortisol which is a hormone that allows fat to be stored in your stomach. So in order to reduce stress, just enjoy the process. Enjoy your workouts, your healthy meals, your slow progress and enjoy sweating it out. Also if you love yourself before you even start making changes to your body, this eliminates the stress of having to see results fast. 
 So I am challenging everyone to go to a mirror and be happy with what you see even before you start your health journey. At the end of the journey you’re just going to love yourself even more. 

Just a thought. 

Chill out, 




  1. The Healthy Fellow · April 18, 2014

    Great post, check out my blog for inspiration on living a good healthy life

  2. kritikajoshi · April 22, 2014

    i love this !!!

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