Get This Candy Away From Me.

My brother has come back from College for his summer break, and he brought a ton of candy with him. This is a test for my skills in portioning my food, and I seem to be going a bit off track. I have started replacing some meals with just sugar. I’ll eat a chocolate bar for lunch and not feel hungry enough to eat a proper nutritious meal. Now, I’m not worried because I’m scared of gaining weight, I just don’t want to get hooked onto sugar and damage my body. But this massive amount of sugar that has hit me has given me a wake up call. I am craving vegetables, fruit, beans, just everything that’s healthy. I cannot live off of junk food. It’s really getting to me. So I’m going to step away from crap for a while, and just get some control. Again, it’s okay to eat maybe a tiny piece of chocolate or some skittles here and there because that does no damage to you, but draw a line. Living off of sugar isn’t the right way to live. In fact, you won’t be living, you’re dying slowly. 

And after a while candy isn’t even tasty anymore because it resembles eating a mouthful of just plain sugar. You feel sick, lethargic and tired.

Time to step away from the candy and go eat something good for me.

Even I mess up with my healthy lifestyle sometimes, I’m only human.

But it’s okay,



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